The New Mastersounds – Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy expands on the NMS template while still providing plenty of the band’s trademark sounds. Guitarist Eddie Roberts, drummer Simon Allen, bassist Pete Shand and keyboardist Joe Tatton are joined by a number of guests: Sam Bell, one of the founding members of NMS precursor The Mastersounds who also guested on two previous NMS albums, plays percussion on most of the tracks. Mike Olmos and Joe Cohen of West Coast Horns once again provide added horn action as they did on Made For Pleasure from 2015, while Adryon de León from LA band Orgone contributes vocals on Gonna Be Just Me. Uptempo numbers Tantalus and Yokacoka see the band flexing their playing chops over a tightly-wound rhythm, while Green Was Beautiful and Groovin’ On The Groomers are toe-tapping slabs of soul jazz. The moody Hancock-esque inflections of Stash and the sweet mellow vibes of Swimming With My Fishies add the final brush strokes of colour to the canvas.

After almost two decades of activity it’s obvious The New Mastersounds are in no shortage of fuel, indeed they appear to have found the formula with which to stay relevant and fresh, running on Renewable Energy.

Bernard Purdie & Friends – Cool Down

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie – the self-proclaimed “Most Recorded Drummer in History” – new album, Cool Down is his first release of original music in nearly a decade and features the legendary Bernard Purdie alongside modern funk, soul and jazz masterminds Ivan Neville, Pete Shand, and Brian J. Special guests include three inimitable vocalists: Cyril Neville (The Meters, Neville Brothers), Anthony Cole, and Mayteana Morales (Pimps of Joytime).

Ranked among the “Top 20 Drummers of All Time” by Rolling Stone Magazine and inducted into Modern Drummer‘s “Hall of Fame,” Purdie’s idiosyncratic drum work can be heard on a staggering number of classic albums produced by artists such as The Beatles, James Brown, Nina Simone, B.B. King, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Hall & Oates and Steely Dan. His drum patterns, a unique merger of urban swagger and loose Southern funk, have all but defined early hip-hop.


Cool Down takes the metropolitan sound of East Coast funk and intermingles it with New Orleans rhythms. Cool Down, Elevate and Keep on Shining are grooves that fans of The Meters and Funkadelic would come to expect Purdie to record with his fresh new band. The early 70’s-esque standout single Deep in Love featuring Brooklyn’s own Mayteana Morales is destined to become an instant classic.

Cool Down keeps true to its funk roots with standout instrumental numbers Shand Stand, Money Bags and The Golden Tie. And with Purdie straight on the beat and sparse as can be, Stranded elevates the blues tradition to historical proportions with Cyril Neville singing his heart out while Ivan Neville supports on Hammond B3.

On Cool Down, Purdie brings the same vibrancy and spontaneity that embodies the best work of his famed career. With his new core band and standout special guests … Cool Down marks one of 2018’s singular soul & jazz albums.

Ofenbach VS. Lack of Afro – PARTY (feat. Wax & Herbal T)

Club DJs and producers Dorian Lo and César de Rummel have been active as Ofenbach since 2014, the year the Paris, France-based duo fell under the spell of house music. The young musicians had a creative epiphany when they heard the productions of Robin Schulz, then set off on fusing elements of traditional rock and electronic dance music with pop appeal. After an assortment of singles and remixes Ofenbach broke through in 2016 with Be Mine, which landed in the Top Ten of several pop charts across Eurasia, including France, where it earned a diamond certification.

After collaborating with US songwriter Nick Waterhouse on KATCHI (6th on the European airplay chart and the most Shazamed dance track in the world for more than three months), the duo have turned the energy up a notch with a new musical revelation: PARTY. Presenting their own unique take on the Lack of Afro feat. Wax & Herbal T old school hip hop/funk classic with its rock, hip-hop and electro influences, PARTY does what it says on the tin!

Matador! Soul Sounds – Get Ready

Matador! Soul Sounds are proud to announce their debut album Get Ready.

Matador! Soul Sounds are a band loosely based on the concept of Spanish bullfighting. A common misconception in America is that bullfighting is a feat of one man versus one bull—in reality, bullfighting is largely a team effort by a matador and his cuadrilla.

Born from the vision of Eddie Roberts (The New Mastersounds) and Alan Evans (Soulive) their fierce cuadrilla consists of keyboardist Chris Spies and bassist Kevin Scott (Jimmy Herring) as the band’s “banderilleros”. Adding a feminine energy to the band are Adryon de León and Kimberly Dawson (Pimps of Joytime) on vocals. Combining the dynamism of each band leader, the music they have created is brand new, hard hitting and drenched with their shared musical passions – jazz, funk & soul.

Lack Of Afro + Wax & Herbal T – Back In Business

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Adam Gibbons (aka Lack of Afro) first saw Wax & Herbal T back in 2009 after being sent a video of them in their car freestyling over his cover of the Arctic Monkeys When The Sun Goes Down. Blown away by their incredible wordplay & lyrical dexterity, he immediately contacted the brothers about guesting on his album, My Groove Your Move, released in 2009. Luckily for him they said yes…

Fast forward 8 years and collectively they have appeared on 6 Lack of Afro originals including the monster hit P.A.R.T.Y (licensed by Adidas, Miller Lite, ABC and Fox to name but a few), whilst Adam has returned the favour by producing 6 originals for their own solo projects, with combined YouTube views totalling in excess of 10 million.

Kicking things off here is the irresistibly catchy title track Back In Business – a funk-soaked tour de force of live musicianship, huge drums and a chorus that will stay in your head for weeks!


Cold Blooded sees the brothers go hard from the outset – their ferociously quick & aggressive wordplay perfectly complimenting Lack of Afro’s savagely funky instrumental. To call it ‘big’ would be an understatement!

Take It Up A Notch does exactly what it says on the tin, keeping the dance-floor packed and cranking the party vibes right up to 11.

Ride is reminiscent of hazy 70’s west coast radio – underpinned with a groove to make your head snap and combined with Wax’s wistful vocals, it’s the obvious soundtrack for your next road trip.

Balcony is the brothers’ ode to the joys of plant-based inhalation and herbal relief, all administered with just the right dose of funk. It’ll make you feel ‘lovely’ too…

And there you have it. 5 tracks. 5 winners. Game over!

*Ride & Balcony – unavailable for licensing.

Cavviar – Cavviar EP

Cavviar are the new 80’s flavoured synth pop mega-group with their self-titled debut EP.

The project is a nostalgic payment of homage to the 1980’s, the decade in which the group first discovered music and felt its effects.

Cavviar is a duo consisting of long-time collaborators Wax & Davy Nathan. Wax is a rapper/songwriter/vocalist (& Lack of Afro collaborator) and Davy Nathan is a Grammy nominated producer and songwriter (Mary J. Blige / Queen Latifah / Toni Braxton / Tamar Braxton).

“The lead single Cassette is full of nods to the musical past, both lyrically and musically – but I’ll let you spot them for yourself – that’s part of the fun of this song, and it brings a real smile to your face as you recognise snippets here and there. That’s not to say the track lives in the past at all – it has enough of a modern feel to it, with nuances of acts like Air and Pharrell bubbling under the surface to make sure the track is grounded in the here and now.”


The Cassette video is an answer to the question, “What would happen if Madonna shot a music video inside of Dexter’s torture garage?” Don’t be alarmed if your feet start to move while watching, it is a natural reaction to an infectious dance groove!

Eddie Roberts & The Fire Eaters – Burn!

Special re-issue on red vinyl limited edition in the album’s original artwork.

When in Spain in 2009, Eddie joined forces with Spanish deep funk outfit The Sweet Vandals’ rhythm section of Santi “Sweetfingers” Martin on bass and Javi “Skunk” Gomez on drums adding Chip Wickham’s (Blue Mode, The New Mastersounds & Nightmares On Wax) world-class flute & sax and Taz Modi’s funktastic Hammond organ from Leeds/UK, he sensed that this could be the beginning of something special.


Burn! is proof that his instincts were spot-on. The Fire Eaters, as the combo was now called, recorded the album – produced by Eddie Roberts himself – in 2010, completing 12 tracks including a good number of Eddie Roberts & Chip Wickham originals as well as the band’s own versions of classic acid jazz & soul tunes like I Believe In Miracles & Lope Song for the album’s release in 2011.

Listen and travel way back to a time when jazz had soul and there was freedom in the rhythm.

*Lope Song / *Lonely For You Baby / *Workout / *Cigar Eddie / *Latona / *Biskit / *I Believe In Miracles – master license clearance only.

Jack Tyson Charles – Restoration EP

Jack Tyson Charles has spent the last 5 years channelling the musical history and energy of his London hometown to cultivate his own unique brand of ‘Epic Soul’. Armed with a seriously enviable backing band, Jack’s musical journey has culminated in the Restoration EP, where the vintage sounds of his influences blend with his own inimitable vocal style to create a glorious modern soul sound.

The five tracks on Restoration feature harmonious backing choirs, a simple back line of drums (from Pharoah S. Russell), percussion, bass (courtesy of Tom Driessler), some funky guitar and piano/organ; the feel is that of reality, it’s not overproduced. On Hustler Jack elucidates the journey he has been on, his old man (Craig Charles) even gets a mention, and this theme of honest lyrics is repeated throughout.

This is a barnstorming statement of intent which will only add to funk and soul’s burgeoning popularity.

Restoration EP – the long-awaited solo debut release from soul singer Jack Tyson Charles, recorded at KONK studios in London.