Shandy, Will & Grruff

When The New Mastersounds bassist and veteran independent music producer Pete Shand relocated to the island of Menorca in 2006, the ambience and cool Balearic pace was a constant inspiration, so it wasn’t too long before it started to be reflected in his music.

The formation of Shandy, Will & Grruff as a music-making team occurred quite naturally, with William Woodlock the musician/producer responsible for introducing Pete to the island and Gareth Colley, his long-time production partner in the UK.

Having set out just to have fun and make beats in the sun, as an album began to take shape SWG consciously decided on a feel-good vibe: Holiday music; Nothing too challenging or intense.

Shandy, Will & Grruff – Island Time

With Island Time Pete Shand found and outlet for his Jamaican roots.

This sun-drenched pop-reggae album is a collaborative studio project recorded between Menorca, Leeds/UK and New York (where Pete regularly records & performs). To keep the good times rolling SWG have featured various guest vocalists, their friends and musical collaborators, Brian J (Pimps of Joytime, Brooklyn), Aoife Hearty (Rodina/UK) and Kirsty Rock (Easy-Star All Stars, NYC), with Jits & The Mighty Froggy (Leeds/UK Underground).

Perfect laid-back summer sunshine music.